OpenBVE v1.9.0.3

Significant Changes:

  • New: Add the animated instruction Length to return the current length of the train.
  • Change: Support objects with more than 65,535 verticies in a mesh.
  • Change: Improvements to handling of Colored Vertices loaded from some .X files.
  • Change: The OriginalX parser has been deprecated / removed- If this is selected, the NewXParser will now be used.
  • Change: Handle some X files which are actually a relative path. Fixes some night-time routes using BRSigs.
  • Change: A more descriptive exception is thrown if one component of a path supplied to the API is empty.
  • Change: The WAV parser will now correctly handle some extensible WAV files.
  • Change: Better detect some BVE Readme files encoded in non-ANSI charsets.
  • Fix: Increase the height of various controls to avoid blank text on some Mono systems (KennyHui)
  • Fix: The AI could repeatedly apply / release the brakes on an air braked train in certain circumstances.
  • Fix: Couple of camera glitches introduced with v1.9.0.0 / Quad trees.
  • Fix: Cab flickering on some systems.
Updated on The OpenBVE Project

OpenBVE v1.10.0.0

Published on April 07, 2024

OpenBVE v1.9.2.7

Published on February 11, 2024