Playing OpenBVE: Cab Controllers

Several companies produce desktop cab controllers for playing train simulators. Where possible, OpenBVE will attempt to support these.

A list of the currently supported cab controllers and links may be found below:

The RailDriver from PI Engineering

The RailDriver


This will be recognised as a standard Joystick, but may require calibration for all axis to work correctly. Calibration may be performed under the Options menu.

OHC-PC01 from SanYing Heavy Industries

The OH-PC01


This is a custom joystick, and requires the SanYingInput plugin to be activated and configured under the Options menu to work correctly.

Densha De Go! Cab Controllers (Various)

Densha De Go! Cab Controller

OpenBVE supports various controllers from the Densha De Go! series:

  • Classic controllers - Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast (connected via PC USB adaptor)

  • Unbalance one handle USB controller

  • Unbalance two handle USB controller

  • Type II Controller (Sony PlayStation 2)

  • Shinkansen Controller (Sony PlayStation 2)

  • Multi-Train Controller with P5/B8 Cassette (Sony PlayStation 2)

These are handled by the Densha De Go! input plugin, which must be activated and configured under the Options menu.