Version 1.5

Version 1.5 is currently under development.

Implemented Features:

  • Added animated bogies to train cars. (This was previously possible with various physics based hacks, but not officially supported)
  • Extend a range of variables available via the plugin interface & animated files.
  • Port backend libraries to openTK.
  • In-game menu and information displays re-written.
  • Animated objects may now follow the path of Track 0.

Work In Progress Features:

  • Package management: Allow developers to create a managed package format, providing an easy installation and metadata for routes and trains. (Largely complete!)

Version 1.6

Planned Features:

  • Deprecate the train.dat and extensions.cfg files, in favour of an XML based system allowing much greater flexibility.
  • Multiple views (Cab, passenger etc.) available per train.
  • Backport the openBVE 2 demo object parser plugin interface.

Work In Progress Features:

  • Improve the simulation options available to train developers.
  • Re-write the main simulation renderer to move away from using openGL intermediate mode.

Version 1.7

Planned Features:

  • Further extend the XML configuration of trains, to allow the creation of custom ‘consists’