Getting the source:

The source code for OpenBVE is stored as a standard Git repository, and is hosted by Github:

Either clone the Git repository, or download the latest copy using the buttons provided.

Building the source:

OpenBVE may either be built from the command line, using MSBuild or XBuild, or using your favorite .Net IDE.

Command line buld:

For a command line build, you will need either msbuild (.Net) or xbuild (Mono). For msbuild, open a “Visual Studio command prompt”, navigate to the OpenBVE folder and type:

msbuild OpenBVE\OpenBve.sln /p:Configuration=Release

For xbuild, make sure the tool is located in your path and type:

xbuild OpenBVE\OpenBve.sln /p:Configuration=Release

For an IDE build, you will need either Visual Studio 2013 or higher, MonoDevelop 2.4 or higher. Simply open OpenBve.sln and click “Build”.

Building the developer tools:

The developer tools (Route Viewer, Object Viewer etc.) are stored in the same Git repository as the main program. Please follow the above procedure, choosing which you wish to build.

Developer documentation:

Developer documentation is also provided as part of the Git repository, and may be found at Documentation\DeveloperDocumentation.html