Discussion Forums:

BVE Worldwide Forum

The BVE Worldwide forum hosts the official OpenBVE discussion board, and provides one of the larger European content hubs.

BVE Station Forum

BVE Station hosts a large American & NYCTA community OpenBVE community, including both forums and downloads.

Routes & Trains:


Home of the well-known Anthony Bowden’s work. Contains highly realistic and detailed stuff for OpenBVE, formulas for animations and much more.


Graymac’s website with beautiful Irish and Welsh routes and also Irish rolling stock.

Brno BVE

BrnoBVE Website. Home of the First Brno Track and Czech animated trains. The website also contains a few developing tools, free objects and a photo gallery of locos.


MidnightExpress1981’s site- Home of the D51 and the Tokohogu Shinkansen for OpenBVE.

BVE Klub

An active Hungarian community, providing both routes and trains.

BVE Cornwall

UK based routes and trains, in both diesel and steam.