OpenBVE v1.8.2.0

This release implements a new OpenGL menu for systems which cannot run the original Windows Form, such as 64-bit Apple. It also contains significant improvements to screen scaling on Retina displays, and has other internal changes to make the new renderer work correctly using GL3.1 forwards compatible contexts.

Significant Changes:

  • New: OpenGL based main menu for systems unable to run the original Windows Form- Restores compatability with Apple systems running Mojave and above.
  • New: Support Densha DeGo! Zuki controller, improve support for some others (MarcRiera)
  • New: Add Lighting Change events to allow the light model to be altered over the course of a route.
  • New: Add hour, minute and second variables to animated files.
  • Change: GL3 now uses a forward compatible context, and works correctly on Apple.
  • Change: Switch font used on Apple, should give a much better set of Unicode glyphs.
  • Fix: Positional bug in CarXMLConvertor (some converted sounds were being placed incorrectly versus their original hard-coded position).
  • Fix: Improved scaling on Retina displays and others with a non-standard DPI.
  • Fix: Handle the case where a driver reports it supports GL3 features, but crashes when they are requested.
  • Fix: Limit the possible CoefficientOfStaticFriction value when hacks are enabled- Fixes certain BVE2 trains.
  • Fix: Stop certain Win32 plugins crashing when the game is paused for 20+ mins.
  • Fix: Issue with PlayerTrain variable when placed as a FreeObj
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