OpenBVE v1.8.0.1

This release sees OpenBVE moving to 64-bit by default. On Windows, legacy plugins are now run via a WCF proxy application. Alternatively, you can use the 32-bit OpenBve-32.exe which uses the original in-process plugin handling.

Unfortunately, 64-bit support on Apple is not yet functional. This is because the main menu is a WinForm, which is currently not supported on x64 Apple. Work is in progress on producing a limited OpenGL menu here: and we hope to have a functional (but not pretty) version available soon.

Significant Changes:

  • New: OpenBVE is now 64-bit native by default.
  • New: Add controls menu icons for generic gamepad and Xbox pad.
  • Fix: A deleted extensions.cfg would re-appear in Object Viewer on reload.
  • Fix: Issue with trains containing a missing flange index.
  • Fix: Invalid animated files getting locked by Object Viewer.
  • Fix: Crash in Object Viewer if reloading after changing non-plugin loaded train properties.
  • Fix: A negative timetable delta was broken with BVETS Hacks enabled.
  • Fix: Cursor missing if menu opened with it hidden.
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Published on April 10, 2024

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