OpenBVE v1.7.2.1

The main highlight of this release is a plugin to support of a new set of Cab Controllers, contributed by Marc Riera. These are those from the Densha De Go! series for Playstation, Dreamcast etc., connected via an appropriate PC Joystick adaptor.

The primary hosting for the release binaries has also changed to GitHub, but these & all older versions are still mirrored on the build server, along with the nightly builds.

Significant Changes:

  • New: Various Densha De Go! controllers are now supported via plugin.
  • New: Add AnnounceAll and DopplerAll for adding sounds triggered by each car of a train.
  • Change: Update OpenTK- Various improvements to joystick handling.
  • Change: Joysticks are now identified via GUID in the controls file. This allows reconnection to work correctly.
  • Change: Update pt-PT & zh-HK language files- Thanks!
  • Fix: Crash if a negative switch sound index was supplied in sound.cfg
  • Fix: Ambient and diffuse lighting colors swapped when using hex in a dynamic light XML
  • Fix: Uninstalling a package with others that depended on it didn’t show an appropriate error.
  • Fix: Crash in a route with 3500+ sections
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OpenBVE v1.8.0.2

Published on April 25, 2021

OpenBVE v1.8.0.1

Published on April 23, 2021