OpenBVE v1.7.2.0

Significant Changes:

  • New: Convert the route parser to a shared plugin / interface. Numerous fixes as a result of this.
  • New: Numerous improvements to the compatability database, including changed signal sets where appropriate etc.
  • New: Object property to crossfade between the day / night textures.
  • Change: Use openAL Soft when on Windows.
  • Fix: Max number of sound sources option not working correctly.
  • Fix: Memory leak introduced by the new renderer.
  • Fix: Camera motion would continue whilst in a dialog box when using the viewers.
  • Fix: Animations on a train car using the Reversed property could be wrong.
  • Fix: Error in WAV files with an invalid chunk size.
  • Fix: Possible crash on Intel integrated GPUs when using the new renderer.
  • Fix: Handle ATS.cfg files containing invalid extra data (comments etc.)
Updated on The OpenBVE Project

OpenBVE v1.8.2.2

Published on January 15, 2022

OpenBVE v1.8.2.1

Published on November 20, 2021