OpenBVE v1.7.1.4

Significant Changes:

  • New: Add rendered event for Rail Sounds change when events overlay is active.
  • New: Coupler objects displayed in Object Viewer.
  • New: Add RouteLimit to the available functions for panels and animated objects.
  • New: Use a different icon for disks at the root of the main menu under Windows.
  • Change: Improve TrackFollowingObjects in certain cases.
  • Change: Only flush the black-box log to disk once every 30s (Reduces disk writes and stutter in some cases)
  • Change: Minor improvements to the original X parser.
  • Change: The ‘incorrect’ lighting behaviour described here is used when hacks are active.
  • Change: Update hu-HU, id-ID and zh-CN translations- Thanks!
  • Change: Detect and warn when vertices are declared outside of a MeshBuilder, as this may produce unexpected consequences.
  • Fix: Assimp X Parser didn’t support global materials.
  • Fix: Assimp X Parser failing to support exponent numbers.
  • Fix: Glitch when using two rail commands in a block.
  • Fix: Crash when creating a package, but no files were selected to package.
  • Fix: Crash when attempting to install a package into a UAC protected directory as a non-elevated user.
  • Fix: Crash when GL3.3 not supported by the system.
  • Fix: Crash with a zero-byte sound.cfg file
  • Fix: Rotational / projection matrix glitch in 3D cabs
  • Fix: 3D cab incorrectly lit in the new renderer.
  • Fix: An AI driver for the player train was limited by Route.Velocity
  • Fix: An AI driver for a player train with air brakes bounced on the brakes at the terminal station.
  • Fix: Certain animated objects could be missing or incorrectly disposed of.
  • Fix: Newline bug when the default train was not found.
Updated on The OpenBVE Project

OpenBVE v1.8.4.4

Published on January 20, 2023

OpenBVE v1.8.4.3

Published on November 23, 2022