OpenBVE v1.7.1.3

Significant Changes:

  • Fix: Improve several further issues with the new renderer, and make this slightly faster again.
  • Fix: Crash with a route containing a single station at which no trains were set to stop.
  • Fix: Issues where a TFO was not found in the expected directory could either crash or cause unexpected behaviour.
  • Fix: If a train contained mixed encodings, some could be read incorrectly.
  • Fix: Changing the game mode without starting a new game didn’t stick.
  • Change: Shift rails to a dictionary based accessor. This should make some NYCTA content which uses extremly high rail numbers work a lot better.
  • Change: Update pt-PT language file.
  • New: Allow to be used as an alternative for trains which are not intended to be drivable.
  • New: Allow the consist for TFOs to be reversed.
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OpenBVE v1.7.1.6

Published on May 07, 2020

OpenBVE v1.7.1.5

Published on May 07, 2020