OpenBVE v1.7.0.0


OpenBVE v1.7.0.0 is a much larger release, although much of this comes in the form of internal changes. A large amount of work has been done to convert the Object parsers into a single set of shared plugins, as well as moving most graphical and audio code into shared libraries.

A new (experimental) tool has also been added, courtesy of S520- TrainEditor2. This allows the complete properties for a train to be edited within a single program.

Finally, a note on MacOS Catalina compatibility- Unfortunately, Apple have made the decision to drop 32-bit compatibility. At present, OpenBVE relies on several 32-bit libraries and so is currently incompatible. Please see the following issue for more details:

Significant Changes:

  • New: Add control to toggle the RailDriver speed unit display.
  • New: Add panel / animated variables for the PilotLamp, StationPassAlarm and StationAdjustAlarm.
  • New: Add dedicated sound for EB release
  • New: Allow loading sway to be disabled on a per-car basis.
  • New: Allow an object to be defined for couplers.
  • Fix: A FreeObject command must contain a minimum two arguments
  • Fix: Platform roofs did not appear if the object was not available in both L and R.
  • Fix: Handle Train.dat files containing duplicated section headers.
  • Fix: A Track.Signal command with an Aspects value of -3 was incorrect.
  • Fix: If no safety plugin was present, the handles were stuck.
  • Fix: Loading sway did not work correctly on trains with automatic doors.
  • Fix: The AI did not handle air brakes nicely on a long station stop.
  • Fix: If the player was using a joystick axis to activate a control and enabled the AI, these could fight.
  • Fix: An invalid filesystem character in train names could cause infinite recursion.
  • Fix: Issues with the Object Viewer extensions.cfg parser when things were in an unusual order.

Content Specific Fixes:

  • Fix: If hacks are enabled and no valid backgrounds are defined, use a default (sky) background.
  • Fix: Handle broken texture path in NeuveVille- Les Taux.
  • Fix: Broken station object in Meguro route.
  • Fix: Assorted issues with all2000.csv
  • Fix: Use correct encoding for HK tram route.
  • Fix: Disable toppling on NYCTA-L.csv
  • Fix: Broken initial trackwork on M4.csv
  • Fix: Tunnel on FGC V1 routefiles.
  • Fix: Station exit issue on FGC V2 routefiles.
  • Fix: Handle incomplete B3D face variant.
  • Compatibility: Handle alternate path for Uchibo crossing sound
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