OpenBVE v1.9.2.5

This release mostly fixes odd issues, but it should be noted that sound handling for some train related sounds has been subtly altered. These changes should (hopefully) be more logical in general, and also bring us closer to the behaviour of BVE.

Significant Changes:

  • Fix: Crash with some BVE5 motor sound tables (Please note that these are still WIP)
  • Fix: TrainEditor2 failed to close.
  • Fix: Glitch with a duplicated command translation.
  • Fix: Unexpected results and no error when attempting to load a malformed train.xml
  • Fix: Handle rooted paths in .obj files.
  • Fix: Correct texture co-ordinate handling for .obj files exported by Blender.
  • Fix: Some objects with large meshes could have incorrect texture handling.
  • Change: Compressor run-up no longer takes a fixed 5s, but is dynamically calculated using the start / stop sounds.
  • Change: Update routefile patch database.
  • Change: Add various missing translatable strings to TrainEditor2.
  • Change: Update zh-CN translation. (HB EHeJMor)
  • Change: Flange / run sounds are now paused as opposed to stopped when the active index changes. Please see the following errata note:–run-loop–restart-behaviour
  • Change: Pressure drop related sounds are now stopped if the pressure drop stops.
  • Change: A default control is now set for the LocoBrake on new installations/ control resets.
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