OpenBVE v1.8.4.4

Significant Changes:

  • Improve various small areas of the main menu under different conditions (Primarily mono oddities)- Thanks KennyHui
  • Update zh-HK translation- KennyHui
  • New: Allow drag + drop into the package install dialog.
  • Fix: Object based backgrounds broken in GL3
  • Fix: Handle an edge case where older Intel drivers report features they do not support.
  • Fix: Better handling of untextured materials in default NewXParser.
  • Fix: Improve rendering of HUD with non-default handle text.
  • Fix: The ColorAll command did not apply to the final MeshBuilder in a file.
Updated on The OpenBVE Project

OpenBVE v1.8.4.2

Published on September 10, 2022

OpenBVE v1.8.4.1

Published on August 29, 2022