openBVE v1.6.0.0


Significant Changes:

  • New: Add Touch Operation to 2D and 3D panels- Existing 2D panels will automatically generate touch zones where possible, if the ‘Extended Panel2’ mode is enabled under options.
  • New: Add Track Following Objects.
  • New: Route Viewer uses the common texture loader plugins.
  • New: Object Viewer will load an extensions.cfg file in order to view an entire train.
  • New: Brake pressure, ATS variables etc. may be simulated in Object Viewer.
  • New: Further updates to train.xml / CarXMLConvertor. Note: This is still a work in progress feature….
  • Fix: Handle where GlowFileWithoutExtension actually has an extension.
  • Fix: Issue between P1 and P2 when using the OHC-PC01
  • Fix: Issues with certain unusual train setups.
  • Fix: Lock when creating the timetable image to prevent a possible crash.
  • Fix: Handle a sound.cfg file where the first line(s) are comments.
  • Fix: Handle unexpected whitespace in certain obj files.
  • Fix: Possible crash in CSV / B3D object parser when an incomplete color was used.
  • Fix: Handle another misdetected Unicode case.
  • Fix: The Panel2.cfg parser did not handle invalid speed units correctly.
  • Fix: Handle where the EM-DASH has been used instead of a minus sign.
  • Change: When a train contains both a 2D and a 3D panel, this is noted in the log.

Route Specific Fixes:

  • Hacks: Fix assorted issues with the Dutch content available from
  • Hacks: Disable derailments for 737-Test Flight
  • Hacks: Fix Z-fighting panel on Boeing-737
  • Hacks: Fix issues caused by a misplaced comma in Balloch- Dumbarton
  • Hacks: If hacks are enabled, enforce a minimum RunInterval of 2 minutes, in order to ensure that the preceeding train has actually cleared the station / player train. (Fixes the duplicate train on top of the player train seen in large amounts of BVE2 content)
  • Hacks: Fix issues with the Iiyama 2060 route.
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