openBVE v1.5.3.8


Significant Changes:

  • New: Add HUD size slider, minimal and large HUD options.
  • New: Add the function Pitch[CarIndex] to animated objects.
  • New: Add PerMil to the gradient display options.
  • Change: Add the current pitch to the F10 overlay.
  • Change: Assorted improvements to the Wavefront object parser.
  • Change: Better handle a specific case of Unicode misdetction when loading objects.
  • Change: On a horn with multiple sounds, if the StartSound is not defined, start plaing the LoopSound immediately.
  • Change: Update hu-HU translation.
  • Change: Update ca-ES translation.
  • Fix: A train driven by the AI could get stuck if no motor deceleration was set in the train.dat file.
  • Fix: openBVE crashed if the black box was enabled, and the file existed but the program was unable to write to it.
  • Fix: The track following camera could exit the world and continue indefinitely.
  • Fix: *EbHandleBehaviour produced an invalid entry if not set in Train Editor.
  • Fix: The Constant Speed device was broken by
  • Fix: Train plugins were not unloaded correctly when manually closing the game window.

Content Specific Fixes:

  • Change: Handle the case where a panel.animated file is present, but either contains no objects, or produces an empty object. (MTR SIL C-train EMU-FAO)
  • Fix: Correct panel zoom on HM05

Platform Specific Changes:

The Mac build for v1.5.3.8 requires Mono 5.14 or higher, due to a change in the Mono runtime on Mac. The app will recognise this, and prompt you to upgrade if required.

At the present time, this appears to be a regression in Mono (We are using no new features), and a bug has been filed with them on this subject.

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Developer Documentation Update

Published on April 12, 2019

openBVE v1.5.4.1

Published on January 05, 2019