OpenBVE v1.5.1.6


Significant Changes:

  • New: Basic support for the RailDriver controller from PI Engineering. (Requires calibration, see P2 of ‘Options’)
  • New: OpenBVE will load many Loksim3D objects.
  • Fix: ACE textures using 1-bit alpha were broken.
  • Fix: Potential infinite recursion bug in path resolution API.
  • Fix: Several components of Japanese BVE1 panels were not working correctly.
  • Fix: BVE4 trams from Martin Finken (GT6, TW6000 original version etc.) had a broken initial panel zoom.
  • Fix: Backgrounds textures not correctly loaded in the Minobu route for BVE2.
  • Fix: Inconsistent error messages under some package management situations.
  • Change: The sounds for the default (no) ATS plugin may be overwritten via sound.cfg. Please see the following errata note for further details:
  • Change: Route / train specific hacks may be turned off via setting enablebvetshacks to false in the options file. These should generally be left enabled.
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OpenBVE v1.10.0.1

Published on April 10, 2024

OpenBVE v1.10.0.0

Published on April 07, 2024