OpenBVE v1.5.1.3


Behavioural Changes:

  • New: Joystick buttons limit increased to 64, plus various other changes from openTK backend.
  • Fix: Holding down a door button no-longer causes the doors to bounce between open & closed.

Significant Changes:

  • New: XML based markers ( ), allowing for text messages and basic time dependent scripting.
  • New: When a door button is pressed, VirtualKeys.DoorsLeft / VirtualKeys.DoorsRight is raised.
  • New: Panel2.cfg supports the subjects doorbuttonl & doorbuttonr
  • New: Animated objects support the subject leftDoorsButton & rightDoorsButton
  • Change: LBA and large GC objects enabled. (Fixes some issues with NYCTA routes)
  • Change: Workaround for some Chinese BVE2 routes not finding the default train correctly.
  • Change: The non-visible ‘NUL’ character is ignored if encountered during routefile processing.
  • Fix: Missing error message in dynamic background parser.
  • Fix: Using ‘SIGNAL’ at the start of a comment in a routefile could be misinterpreted.
  • Fix: Issue when using the ‘Back’ button whilst creating a package under some circumstances.
  • Fix: Workaround for certain malformed paths whilst loading a .animated file.
  • Fix: Car based plugin sounds not working correctly.
  • Fix: VirtualKeys.GearDown not working correctly.
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OpenBVE v1.10.0.1

Published on April 10, 2024

OpenBVE v1.10.0.0

Published on April 07, 2024