OpenBVE v1.5.0.10


With it having been nearly three months since the last release, I thought it time to upload another. The ‘RC’ tag has also been removed from this release, as I believe that it’s now in a state which can truly be called stable. (Famous last words…..)

Significant Changes:

  • New: The ‘compatibility’ objects have been expanded to include open-source copies of all of the original Uchibo objects, as these are used by many older routes.
  • New: Animated files now allow times written in the HH:MMss format to be used in expressions.
  • New: The parameter WrapMode (b3d) / SetWrapMode (csv) has been added to allow object authors to control the texture wrapping mode used by the game engine.
  • New: The command Route.StartTime has been added. This allows route authors to set the starting time independently of the arrival time at the first station.
  • New: Plugins may now interlock the state of the train doors.
  • New: Plugins may now add or subtract a score value.
  • Change: Damping is no longer applied to rotations when switching between camera views.
  • Change: The colon is now allowed for use as a time separator.
  • Fix: If a route used compatibility objects, but was written with an UTF incompatible text encoding, these objects would not load.
  • Fix: Some characters were not correctly serialized into package descriptions when using the Mono runtime.
  • Fix: It was sometimes possible to arrive late at the first station upon loading the game.
  • Fix: Several issues with the TrackFollowerFunction.
  • Fix: A potential crash when drawing route maps.
  • Fix: Normals were not updated correctly in certain instances.
  • Fix: It was possible for the ansiotropic filtering level to get stuck at zero.
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