Welcome to the new site!

As many regular users will know, the original developer (Michelle) decided to leave approximately seven years ago. Since that time, a little work has been done on the simulation by several people, but no major updates or features have been made.

That’s now changing!

As readers of the BVE-Worldwide forum will know, I (and several others) have been working hard on the main program for several months.

This is now available in the form of nightly builds from the download page, and a tagged release will be available soon.

A Brief Overview on the Changes to Date

Coming Soon…..

  • Automatic package and zip file installation.
  • More to follow.

openBVE v1.5.1.0

The first stable release in the series Continue reading

openBVE v1.5.0.10

Published on March 01, 2017

openBVE v1.5.0.1 RC9a

Published on December 15, 2016