Supported sound formats

This is a list of supported sound formats.

Format Usual file extension
Native FLAC .flac

Please note that due to its 3D positional nature, openBVE will convert multi-channel audio to mono upon loading, so there is no point in providing multi-channel audio in the first place. For multi-channel audio, openBVE discards silent channels and tries to detect constructive or destructive interference in the mixed version of the remaining channels. If interference is detected, the first non-silent channel in the file is used, otherwise the mixed channel.

■ RIFF WAVE format

WAVE files are supported, which technically are RIFF (or RIFX) container files with the WAVE format type. WAVE itself allows different formats, of which only a subset are supported. These are:

Format Sample rate Bitrate Channels
PCM any any any
Microsoft ADPCM any 4 bits any

Sample rate refers to the number of samples per second per channel. Bitrate refers to the umber of bits per sample per channel.

■ Native FLAC format

All native FLAC files are supported with the following (in practice rarely occuring) exceptions:

Further information about these formats from a programmer’s point of view can be found on these external sites:

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