Route Viewer


■ Descripció

This tool allows to preview route files. The camera can be moved, rotated and zoomed, you can jump to stations and points of interest, and also enable a series of options. If routes contain errors, a report can be optionally displayed.

A file that is passed as a command line argument is automatically opened at startup. If a CSV file is determined to be a CSV object instead of a CSV route, ObjectViewer.exe will be started if present inside the same folder as RouteViewer.exe. This allows you to link CSV files against either Route Viewer or Object Viewer and still have the correct tool opening the file.

Please note that Route Viewer always interprets files as UTF-8 unless a byte order mark indicates a different Unicode encoding. Non-Unicode encodings are not supported.

For moving the camera, use the WASD keys, for rotating the Arrow keys. Jump to stations with the PageUp and PageDown keys, or jump to points of interests using the Num1 and Num7 keys. You can also enter a specific track position using the number keys, then confirm with the Return key or cancel with the Escape key. For relative offsets, the prefixes Minus and Plus are also accepted. There are other useful keys which are hinted at in RouteViewer’s main window.

Supported route file formats:

This tool does not support the plugin API yet. This means that only the built-in texture formats (BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, TIF) and the built-in sound formats (WAV) are supported.

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