openBVE v1.5.1.2


Significant Changes:

  • New: BIG5 and Windows-1252 charsets added to those auto-detected.
  • New: Updated ja-JA language file- Thanks midnightexpress1981
  • Change: Improved charset detection process & fallback charset handling.
  • Change: Fog placed at absolute zero is assumed to apply from before the start of the route, rather than interpolating in over the course of the first block.
  • Fix: Trains missing a point sound in the Sound.cfg file broken.
  • Fix: Bug in package creation under Mono only.
  • Fix: Potential crash if holding down an arrow key to scroll the route list.

openBVE v1.5.3.0

Published on January 02, 2018

openBVE v1.5.2.3

Published on November 11, 2017