OpenBVE v1.7.1.8

Critical Bugfix v1.7.1.8

  • Fix: Crash with trains containing no point sounds.

Significant Changes:

  • Change: Further tweaks to GL3.0 lighting model.
  • Change: More aggressively kill the main form when closing under Linux.
  • Fix: StateChangeSound in animated objects off by one index where multiple sounds provided.
  • Fix: Variable brightness for a single texture not updated in some cases with GL3.0 renderer.
  • Fix: Dynamic background transitions broken in GL1.2 renderer.
  • Fix: The new renderer could accidentally be disabled with certain combinations of options.
  • Fix: Route Viewer could crash after dragging / dropping a file on Mono.
  • Fix: Route Viewer could get stuck loading under Mono.
Updated on The OpenBVE Project

OpenBVE v1.7.1.5

Published on May 07, 2020

OpenBVE v1.7.1.4

Published on April 25, 2020