openBVE v1.5.3.11


Significant Changes:

  • New: The Pass Alarm sound may be set via sound.cfg
  • New: Add input plugins- These are intended to allow a plugin to directly interface with the simulation controls (e.g. desktop controller / sim board)
  • New: Add SanYingInput to handle the OH-PC01 cab controller for BVE5. (Ported from the MIT Licensed BVE5 version)
  • Fix: Issue with BrakeControlSpeed under certain setups causing the motor sound to be played incorrectly at rest.
  • Fix: Crash if the train was to stop at the next station, but no stop points were defined. (Introduced with
  • Fix: Changes to the gamewindow, so that it closes more reliably under Mono / Linux.
  • Fix: Handle an ATS.cfg file which starts with an initial empty line.
  • Fix: The station pass message could be triggered incorrectly by a jump under certain circumstances.
  • Fix: Sort a couple of issues in the DDS texture plugin.
  • Fix: If using a white background in Object Viewer, use black text so it is readable.
  • Change: Update hu-HU language file. (Phonteus Nevolius)
  • Change: Refactoring to various vector operations.

Route Specific Fixes:

  • Hacks: Fix tunnel exit on Cittaden V2
  • Hacks: Fix incorrectly read curve on B1649テシiト・トコJテシト佚架・ケテ嘉シj.csv
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openBVE v1.5.3.10

Published on October 16, 2018

openBVE v1.5.3.9

Published on October 10, 2018