openBVE v1.5.3.1


Significant Changes:

  • New: Mirror command for B3D / CSV objects.
  • Fix: Joystick support broken
  • Fix: Several issues with animated objects using TextureShifting
  • Fix: Several issues with sounds in animated objects
  • Fix: Glitch when backgrounds changed
  • Fix: Issue with distance scripted markers
  • Change: Cache train objects whilst loading
  • Change: Accept Track.Background as a valid command
  • Change: Walls and Dikes accept L / R as a valid direction. See the following errata note:–r-now-accepted-as-valid-wall–dike-directions

Content-Specific Fixes:

  • Hacks: Fix issues when the first number in certain B3D / CSV commands is omitted
  • Hacks: Routefile specific fix for 目蒲線普..csv
  • Hacks: Routefile specific fix for Zwolle - Vlissingen
  • Hacks: Fix initial zoom for LT1938 Stock (BVE4) panel
  • Hacks: Fix panel scroll range for TOQ2000 & TOQ8000
  • Hacks: Fix incorrect panel eye position for 81-71
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Developer Documentation Update

Published on April 12, 2019

openBVE v1.5.4.1

Published on January 05, 2019