openBVE v1.5.0.1 RC6

Almost two months after opening this site, it’s now time to post the a series of release candidates for the new 1.5.0 stable series of builds.


Significant Changes:

  • Graphical/ audio backend ported to openTK.
  • Package Managment system added.
  • Correctly moving bogies added.
  • Various animation variables added.
  • Large numbers of bugs fixed. (Probably some new ones too!)
  • New in-game map & gradient profile.
  • Timetable display options improved.


  • Fix a critical Windows installer bug.


  • Improve error handling when loading the train.dat file
  • Fix a crash when attempting to clone a null object.
  • Add ~30 additional translatable strings. (Thanks MarcRiera!)


  • Selecting package dependancies could crash in some cases.
  • It was possible to get the installer stuck in an unresolved state when a version conflict occured.
  • The bug report dialog wasn’t working properly on Linux due to path issues.
  • Package websites missing the http:// would cause a crash when clicked on.


  • Improved UI on package management. (Button placement etc. - Thanks MarcRiera)
  • Fixed various bugs relating to packages with dependancies.
  • Improve handling of various situations pertaining to a missing Data folder.
  • Fix a crash when creating packages on some versions of OS-X.


  • Added a Recently Used folders list to the route and train browsers.
  • Add the animation function TrackFollowerFunction
  • Add railtypes to the list of available commands for use in a Cycle.
  • Fix a crash when creating packages.
  • Train packages could under certain circumstances acquire an extra ‘Train’ folder/
  • The route and train lists under the ‘Start’ screen were not refreshed when installing or removing a package.
  • Fix a rare crash encountered when loading a texture failed unexpectedly.

Note: The inital version of RC 6 contained two critical bugs on non-Windows platforms. These have now been fixed- Please re-download if openBVE fails to launch.

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